Monday, July 25, 2005

I Want to See a Movie, But...

Is this a common experience for anyone other than me? I've scanned the listings three times over trying to find something I want to see; I really would like to go to a movie tonight, to sit in a big, air-conditioned room with other hopefuls and surrender myself to the flow of images onscreen. I can't really find anything I'm wholeheartedly enthusiastic about, though. I've whittled it down to:

a. Howl's Moving Castle at Cinemark Tinseltown.

I love the films of Miyazaki Hayao, and I'll see this eventually, but I don't really feel like seeing an animated film, however substantial it's likely to be, tonight; I'd like something a bit more adult, a bit more "serious."

b. Sideways and Kingdom of Heaven at the Ridge:

The most promising double bill out there. I avoided both films when they were first run -- Sideways, because I expect it sucks up a bit too much to the self-pity and angst of the demographic it appeals to (which, alas, is apparently mine -- dissatisfied thirtysomethings); and Kingdom of Heaven because I expect it sucks up to Muslim viewers in uber-liberal fashion, giving "right-thinking" viewers a chance to congratulate themselves for their right thoughts -- without seriously accomplishing much else. Feeling like I understand what a film accomplishes before I see it can sometimes suck all desire right out of me, particularly when it can be reduced to one form of masturbation or another. (Not to knock masturbation; but the physical kind is actually more respectable than the mental, no?).

c. The Devil's Rejects:

Say what one will, this film is likely made with a genuine love of its genre, if Rob Zombie's previous film, House of 1000 Corpses, is any indicator; and as a work of fandom, it's likely to have a fan's self-aware intelligence and ability to play with genre conventions in clever and sometimes thought-provoking ways. I happen to be fond of horror films, too. However: I somehow doubt Zombie has gotten more skillful as a filmmaker since his debut, tho' the favourable reviews on finds out there would suggest otherwise; and I don't really feel like rolling around in blood, gore, and feces tonight. Besides, what, really, does one gain from watching a film like this? (Damn you, Ray Carney! You've made it so much harder for me to stomach crap culture!).

Feeling enthusiasm for none of these, I'm left going through the "repertory cinemas" section of the Straight, but the only "serious" film that I want to see out there is Bergman's Saraband -- and I've seen it once already, and plan to see it again later this week.

Oh, well. I guess I can stay home and read a book. I really want to see a movie, though!


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